September 6, 2015 Report

The Elk is fishing well, is still low/clear and has not been affected by recent rains. The rain has actually created hatches of mayflies and we’re seeing a abundance of Flavs, Grey Drakes, and Blue Wing Olives as well as some October Caddis on the bottom end of the river.

Recommended Dry Flies for the Elk are: GT Adams, GT BWO, Wulff BWO, Para Hares Ear, Para Purple Haze, and the Orange PMX. The Wigwam low/clear as usual and the cutthroat fishing has been doing well. Mahogany Duns and Grey/Green Drakes have been hatching with this cloudy/rainy weather as well a bit of October Caddis. Recommended Dry flies for the Wigwam are: GT Mahogany, Firimsky’s Grey Drake, GT Adams, and the Orange PMX.

The Bull Trout are extremely dormant because they’re spawning. They may eat streamers but most likely if anything they’ll eat small nymphs and egg patterns.

The Bull river is fishing well and is having similar hatches to the Elk. Blue Wing Olives, Grey Drakes, and October Caddis are hatching consistently with the cutthroat eating them. Suggested dry flies for the Bull River are: GT BWO, Wulff BWO, GT Adams, GT Grey Drake, and the Orange PMX. Michel Creek is still closed.

Hope to see you in the shop soon!

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