August 14, 2015 Report

With the warm weather the rivers are running quite low for this time of year, and are crystal clear.

The elk is perfect for wade fishing at the moment, yet still you cant still float it in a raft (but it is getting a little bony for drift boats). The fish are active and eating ants, beetles, large terrestrial patterns, and small mayflies. Recommended dry flies for the Elk are B-52 Flying Ant, Hot Spot Beetle, Fat Alberts, Chernobyl Ants, H&L Variant, and the GT Adams.

Michel has been closed until September 15 along with Alexander and a few other tributaries of the Elk because of low/warm water.

The wigwam is fishing well and is low/clear as per usual. Cutthroat are eating Mahogany Duns, Green Drakes, Beetles, and Flying Ants. The bulls in the wigwam are very dormant, however early in the morning, late in the evening, or on cloudy days you may have some luck on streamers (typically black white) otherwise stick to small nymphs, egg patterns, or San Juan Worms for the bull trout.

The Bull river is also low/clear with the cutthroat eating Ant, Beetles, small Mayflies, and basic attractor patterns such as the Speckled PMX.

More info on river closures here:

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