August 2, 2015 River Update

The Elk river is having one of it’s best years for bugs and dry flies yet!

The Elk is currently low, clear, and easily wadable throughout. Cutthroat are looking up to eat dries and you can start earlier in the day now because of the warm weather we’ve been having. Some hatches include Western Green Drakes, Yellow Sallies, Black/Cinnamon Flying Ants, Beetles, and Caddis. Suggested dry flies include GT Green Drake, B-52 Flying Ant, Headlight Sally, Hotspot Beetle, and the Snowshoe Caddis.

Michel creek is fishing well but is now quite low/warm so we encourage people to fish the Elk because it is generally hard on a fish to be caught in warm water.

Bull River is fishing well, its low/clear but the water is still very cold. Recommended dry flies include the Hot Spot Beetle, Speckled PMX, GT Green Drakes, and Royal Wulffs.

The Wigwam is also low/clear and is fishing well. The cutthroat are eating Green Drakes and Mahogany Duns while the bull trout are very dormant with the odd one eating a streamer or a nymph. Bull trout fly suggestions include the Circus Peanut Black, The Kraken White/Red, Double Bunny Chin/White, egg patterns, San Juan Worms, and Large Black Stoneflies.

Hope to see you soon!

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