May 20, 2017 River Report

Streams and rivers are currently closed until June 15th however lakes are fishing very well. Summit provides easy access and shore fishing with chances at huge fish. Various colours and styles of leeches, chironomids, dragonflies and scuds. A favourite is the balanced leech in red, black, and olive. It is a great lake to get out on as you can relax on shore and hang flies under an indicator.

Loon is producing big fish however it is a much tougher lake to fish. With crystal clear water and big fish it provides a more technical fishery with high reward. On bright sunny days with flat water fish tend to be skittish, however with an overcast sky and a small chop, you are likely to find fish that are eager to eat. Currently fish will eat minnows, leeches, chironomids and scuds. There is no easy shore access to the lake and therefore you must have a boat to effectively fish the lake.

Edwards is still fishing a bit slow but it should be starting to pick up soon. Edwards has a variety of size of fish, but there are lots of big fish to be caught. The fish in Edwards will eat minnows, dragonflies, leeches, and chironomids. Stripping in dragonflies with a full sink line in water around 10-20ft or hanging chironomids at the same depth under an indicator will most likely provide the best fishing. A boat on Edwards is highly recommended as shore access is limited.

If you have any more questions or need to pick up gear drop by the shop! We hope to see you soon!

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