June 17, 2016 Report

Well no rush to fish the Elk just yet, BUT give it a few days and it should be HOT.

Fish are stacked up at the creek mouths and eating hard. Drop almost any nymph into the river and your going to get an eat. Golden stone nymphs and Girdle bugs are the go.

Lizard Creek is the only tributary along with Gold Creek that are really fishable. You can throw Golden Stone flies for this stream.

Next week we should see some clarity in the river once the rain stops. With this comes the egg laying Golden Stones which provides excellent dry fly fishing.

In the mean time why not go to Summit lake as the travelling sedges are out.
Fished last hour of light and smallest fish was 5lbs with biggest 10lbs. All on dry fly the Mikeluk Sedge and Goddard caddis being the best dries to use.

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